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I love your beads and so do all my customers... WE LOVE THEM!!!
Sabina B

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Swarovski crystal is made in Austria and is considered the finest crystal available. Create beautiful designs from the great selection they offer: beads, drops, pendants and many more.

Swarovski crystal beads have always been used extensively with jewelry designs to create dazzling pieces.

For those products or colors which are not shown on our website, we will accept special order of factory pack. Please phone or email us for special prices and details!
Art. 3221 Twist Sew-on Stone
Art. 3231 Owlet Sew-on Stone
Art. 3251 Space Cut
Art. 3255 Cosmic Baguette
Art. 3293 Chessboard Sew-on Stone
Art. 3700 6mm Marguerite
Art. 5000 Round Beads
Art. 5003 Facetted Round Beads
Art. 5005 Chessboard Beads
Art. 5020 Helix Beads
Art. 5030 Lucerna Beads
Art. 5040 Briolette Beads
Art. 5041 Briolette Large Hole Beads
Art. 5050 Oval Beads
Art. 5052 Mini Round Bead
Art. 5056 Mini Drop Bead
Art. 5139 Ring Bead
Art. 5150 Modular Beads
Art. 5180 Square Beads Double Hole
Art. 5181 Keystone Beads
Art. 5200 Oval Bead
Art. 5203 Polygon Beads
Art. 5205 Long Bicone
Art. 5301/5328 Xilion Bicone
Art. 5305 Spacer Beads
Art. 5308 Spacer Beads
Art. 5500 Drop Centre Drill Beads
Art. 5520 Graphic Beads
Art. 5523 Cosmic Beads
Art. 5530 Aquiline Centre Drill Beads
Art. 5531 Aquiline Top Drill Beads
Art. 5534 Column Bead (1 hole)
Art. 5535 Column Bead (2 hole)
Art. 5540 Artemis Beads
Art. 5541 Dome Bead Large
Art. 5556 Galactic Beads
Art. 5600 Diagonal Cube Beads
Art. 5601 Cube Beads
Art. 5603 Graphic Cube
Art. 5621 Twist Beads
Art. 5624 Stairway Beads
Art. 5650 Cubist Beads
Art. 5714 Star Beads
Art. 5742 Heart Beads
Art. 5744 Flower Beads
Art. 5748 12mm Arrow Beads
Art. 5754 Butterfly Beads
Art. 5727 Fish Beads
Art. 5743 Wild Heart Beads
Art. 5750 Skull Bead
Art. 5752 Clover Beads
Art. 5900 Round Large Hole Beads
Art. 5920/5940 BeCharmed Briolette Beads
Art. 180401/180901 BeCharmed Pave Spike Beads
Art. 180501 BeCharmed Pave Cabochon Beads
Art. 180701 BeCharmed Pave Metallic Beads
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